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The oldest family operated glass company in the U.S.A. - Since 1893

Thad Ziegler Glass, Ltd. was originally established in 1893 by William Ziegler and his nephew, Carl. The original firm was known as Ziegler & Ziegler. It specialized in paint, wallpaper, and plate glass. It's headquarters was located at 325 E. Houston in San Antonio, Texas. Carl left the company in 1913. William continued with Ziegler & Ziegler at the Houston Street address while Carl Ziegler formed the new partnership of Ziegler & Mallory with offices on 325 East Main Avenue. This group eventually sold out to Texas Glass & Paint Company. Eva Ziegler assumed ownership of Ziegler & Ziegler in 1916 after the death of William Ziegler. Plans were made to gradually close operations. The Company by 1920 had been reduced to two employees when William Ziegler's son, Thad C., joined the company with the idea of continuing the business. By 1928 the Company had started to rebuild and began specializing in auto and window glass instead of paint and wallpaper.

Ziegler & Ziegler became a factory outlet for window and auto glass in 1940. Thad C. assumed full ownership of the business in 1947 and moved to 446 North Main Avenue in San Antonio, Texas. Thad M. Ziegler, currently Chairman of the Board, joined his father in 1947 and the firm's name was changed to Thad Ziegler Glass Co. The business now included aluminum store fronts along with glass. The Company moved to Lexington Ave in 1950. Thad M. Ziegler became a partner in 1958. Thad C. Ziegler passed away in 1968 leaving Thad M. Ziegler the sole owner of the company. The Company was incorporated in 1969 as Thad Ziegler Glass, Inc.

Thad W. ("T.W.") Ziegler, currently serving as President of the company, joined the firm in 1971. He was named Office and Plant manager in 1975 and in 1981 was named Vice President/General Manager. Thad W. ("T.W.") Ziegler became the President of the Company in 1986 while Thad M. Ziegler was elected Chairman of the Board. The fifth generation of Ziegler's to come to work at the glass company, Thad C. Ziegler, serves as Chief Operations Officer of the company. He began permanent employment with Thad Ziegler Glass, Ltd. in 1998. Also, William F. Ziegler serves as Project Coordinator/Estimator in the Commercial/Residential Department. He began permanent employment in 2004.

The Company moved its headquarters in 1973 to the present location at IH 35 and SBC Center Pkwy. in San Antonio, Texas. In 2001, the company became a limited partnership as Thad Ziegler Glass, Ltd. There are currently four branches in San Antonio and branches located in Boerne, Texas, San Marcos, Texas and Kerrville, Texas.

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